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Saturday 20 Apr 2019 02.23 PM

Priyanka attacks NDA govt; says it "betrayed" people who voted it to power

Priyanka Gandhi, NDA

Mananthawady : Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Saturday attacked the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre, saying it had "betrayed" the faith of the people who had voted it to power. The AICC in-charge of eastern Uttar Pradesh also alleged all that the NDA government had done in last five years was to divide the country.

"This is my country, these hills are my country, the wheat fields in Uttar Pradesh are my country. Tamil Nadu is my country, Gujarat is my country, north east is my country.. But all that BJP has done in last five years, is just to divide the nation," Priyanka said.

"Five years ago, a government came to power that was voted with majority. The people of our country, with all their wisdom, rested their faith upon them. But from the moment it came to power, it began to betray the faith of the people," she alleged. They promised farmers that they will double their income. They promised youngsters that two crore jobs will be created.

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