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Wednesday 10 Apr 2019 09.55 AM

Is it in India or Pakistan : Amit Shah on Rahul's Wayanad roadshow.

Amit Shah, wayand

Nagpur : Launching a scathing attack on Congress president Rahul Gandhi, BJP President Amit Shah on Tuesday likened Wayanad to Pakistan by saying 'during the processions in there, you can not make out whether it is India or a Pakistan procession.

He was taking dig at the large number of Indian Union Muslim League flags seen in Rahul Gandhi's procession, when he filed the nominations.

Amit Shah made the sensitive remarks during a rally in Nagur. He can be heard as saying 'This Rahul Baba, has gone to such a seat in Kerala, where a procession is taken out, you cannot distinguish wheater it is an Indian or a Pakistan procession'.

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