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Thursday 11 Jan 2018 01.15 PM

Face Book top notify people when their photo is uploaded!

Face Book, photo upload

In a major move, social media giant Face Book is all set to roll out a new feature that prevents the number of fake profiles and accounts up to a point.

With the new feature, Face Book will notify its users if anyone tries to use their photo, which essentially gives user more control over their photos on the platform.

In the feature called 'Photo review', Face book will use face recognition technology to find the photos. It will also notify when your photo appears in someone else's profile picture.

How to switch on facial recognition technology

Photo Review option will be turned on by default if you have tag suggestions to no one. The tag suggestions features appear in Time line and tagging tab of Account settings on Face Book.

Once change to 'Friends', the photo Review will be also turned on. Face Book’s photo review feature will roll out in a few weeks, except in Canada and EU.

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